Obscure interests

So far I have had a walk and grabbed eggs, corn flour and a Japanese tea. I arrived back home to find a small leak coming in from the laundry upstairs. This issue has been going on for years but was only generally understood since last year. Then there were building works and the strata couldn’t have two building companies on one site. The current builders didn’t want to touch the laundry area as it is a real hodge podge of dodgy buildings and non compliance. I am used to it now. The other builders should be finished within a couple more months and then the work can begin on the laundry floor. The strangest part of lockdown is how slow time moves. When you are doing your routine, time flies as you don’t have to think about your day. It is all already planned and seems to shoot by. I am enjoying the slow days at the moment. I have been studying some ancient Chinese poetry about Qi Men. It wouldn’t make much sense to a Chinese reader as it is contextual. I barely understand it myself. It is mysterious yet nonsensical but also quite informative for Qi Men study. At the moment we are using Skype for class meetings and we have had two classes lately. I like using my brain but it is always hard to keep on top of the study as it seems to never end. Things just get deeper and deeper. There are more and connections. I just struggle with basic stuff as I try to familiarise myself with the language and other factors. In a way the whole universe seems to fit within the nine chambers or palaces of Qi Men. The universe, so I have been told, is a reflection of humanity. I of course have no idea of the exact import of these propositions and simply hope to understand as much as I possibly can with time. I feel like an idiot most of the time and I am glad I am limiting my general stupidity to this blog and my books. Yet I do live in hope. I at least try. 

Why I apply myself to rather obscure tasks and interests is anybody’s guess. My understanding of art is quite obscure. At least Qi Men has a practical application unlike art which seems to exist in some parallel wealthy intellectual universe far from the everyday. Most people when they come face to face with contemporary art feel violated or threatened mostly. My cat is trying to conquer my lap at the moment. She won’t give up! I had better get some study in.

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