painting needs

I went for a walk with my daughter yesterday. We went to Kingsford which has been a while. Kingsford was like a ghost town. A friend a while back had said Kingsford was very quiet compared to a few years ago. Now with lockdown it is deserted. We picked up some takeaway and then headed back to Randwick. We went separate ways as she had buses she could catch back to her place. I got the tram and then a bus. We could get away with being out during lockdown as we were exercising. It was a good walk. We had our masks on and I was carrying some shopping. We grabbed some Taiwanese curry chicken before we left and had it at home. I had a dream about painting last night, about oil painting. I will always dream of painting if I haven’t done enough lately. I was back at an art course in the dream and I needed to get to the art store to get some oil paint. Some of my paintings had been thrown away because I didn’t pick them up on time at the end of the last term. That did happen to me once when I had a bit of a breakdown in my honours year. I don’t really have any regrets about those paintings now because they were just purely research pieces and not my usual style. It is just that in these dreams I am trying to get enough work together for my assessment. So I needed more paint and more stretchers to make a bigger body of work. Well it seems like enough of a hint to me. I had better get a painting started to fulfil the urge.

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