Quiet day in

Sometimes I find myself sitting quietly with no idea what to do next. To give a little context, I had made a video piece of a poem the previous day and a few days before had made another video work of glitch graphics. A week or so before that I had made some other videos. I wrote a short article about Ubuntu 20.10 a few months ago and how I was finding glitches in this unstable version that I was making glitch art out of. I upgraded to Ubuntu 21.04 which is the next unstable release and have found that some bugs have gone and new ones arrived. So I observed some new bugs and captured them in new videos. The videos are mainly on Instagram (@doeraerosol or @derekcarterart). Then after all of this creative exertion I sit wondering what to do with myself. It is cold outside in Sydney as it is winter. Although I must admit it is laughable compared to a European winter. The problem is you acclimatise and when the weather will at times sit in the high thirties (degrees ) or low forties when it hits twelve to sixteen degrees you think it is really cold. I did venture out and it was actually quite pleasant but some rain arrived on my way home and the weak sunlight disappeared behind grey clouds.

I did some food shopping, came home and had tea. My youngest daughter popped in and we had a chat and tea together. My youngest daughter is finishing high school this year and is doing some extracurricular study at the ‘National art school’. NAS is a great institution in Sydney for art. I have known some very talented and prominent artists over the years who have passed through its gates. Something that is important for creativity is to have time to contemplate. I might go and do some reading (onto the second volume of ‘Insearch of lost time’), I had finished ‘Dream of the Stone’ not long ago. It took me a while to read all five volumes. In some ways having nothing much to do is a blessing. The tea is flowing and something will eventually pop into my head that I will need to make into something. I have some time off work in early July and I hope to get my short stories ready for publishing on Kindle books. My daughter was going through her Mothers cupboard that is still in here. I have never been through it myself as it is her away from home repository for photos and other ephemera she stores here. Her Mother lives in the next suburb and has left these mementos untouched. My daughter scanned some photos and a pamphlet that was almost twenty years old.

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