drug lab: a poem

Police lights
Like an outdoor disco
Ward park at night
It all started with sugary drinks
Sprinkle it on cereal

Fatima’s has seen it all
Falafel roll call
Stickers on the counter
Murder mall
Heroin cleave

Spontaneous decisions life
Set the dealers on fire
Their homes I mean
The police mobile disco
Street music or sound

Repetitive wail
Yet there was no sign of police
People just walked by
Things happen suddenly
Then quiet

The silence would kill them
The groggy night in
Endless highs
Hopeless lows
Thinking is too painful

I need noise and sirens
A whole cavalcade
Of mounted police
Scream’s vehicles
Public order squad

Doors beaten down
Again and again
Like a squeaking bed
Loveless souls
Quick money and loot

Then it was beautiful
Soft fabrics and white marble
New kitchen appliances
White walls with a hint of light
An electric toothbrush

Guaranteed jobs
Welfare and security
Intercom system
Bored concierge
White powder

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