‘Auto toilet HQ’ a poem

Automated toilet headquarters
Methamphetamines and masturbation
It’s raining sunscreen
There is still beauty
Dior and Gucci
Pounding heart
Stress and death

tastes like static
laser beam brain
yeah its real
spray paint and lead
electric graphite
heal Melissa
copper conductor

L.E.D screen
each pixel is miniature
just enough information
Camping soon
data is high in static
they had sex on Meth
hole in the heart

shooting up with dirty water
addiction, it feels good
feels good like
lasers coming out of my eyes
cross hair cornea
dealer on the block
one on that side one on the other

outside super market
begging for money
global financial crack pipe
bubble bubble trouble
crypto oil wars fresh water
Finding family on Facebook
police mandala painting

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