It is sad Australia doesn’t have true sovereignty. We have to bend to US policies even if they are not in our nation’s best interests. This is nothing new mind you. Though it is at a critical point. It either shows the US wants us to suffer with their decline or the US wants to repair its own economy by taking our trade from China. People in Australia are so inherently clueless they actually see the current events as a good thing. That is why the government is galvanising a war mentality in the populace to see the ruin as part of the struggle. This struggle is only Australia’s. It is fabricated for a populist government that will cede to the US even though the US doesn’t have our best interests at heart. If we expect to join our economy with the US this could fall short of meeting our needs and mean we sacrifice our economy to a shrinking empire. This is a big gamble when we have had it easy with our trade with China. I suppose hard times are upon us and things will get harder. We really are showing our weaknesses. Meanwhile the US is strengthening trade with China. It does make you wonder when we will stand on our own two feet and do what is best for Australia.

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