intangible repetition and energy

Over the years I have been inspired by many artists. Some well known and some obscure. There are too many to name because everything you see at some stage has an effect. I remember seeing a show by Newell Harry in 2008 that inspired my interest in line work. The show was quite diverse but there were some sculptural works that were weaved together and so I tried in some of my aerosol work to create forms through line work that were weaving through each other to create letterforms. Also, I was having a conversation with Michael Petchkovsky at one of his first Masters of research shows at Sydney university about an electronic sculpture in 2013. I mentioned that the work looked complex. He explained that the individual circuits were actually simple but the way they were repeated created complexity. This was a real eye-opener for me as I realised that my own work, which is quite simple could become complex with repetitive linework. Seeing drawing work by schizophrenic patients also made me want to explore line as it was a representation of energy. Psychic energy and dreams seem to be what I was seeing in the patients work. My own work at times is described as electric. Funnily enough, I get emails about electronics all of the time. It’s like an interest I never explore practically but create visual work about. In the early nineties, I became interested in repetition through shapes. I would repeat shapes to create complexity but I find that line work has a more disorienting effect that I prefer. Some people described my nineties work as musical or sonic. Also, I want to create an organic form which is why I lost interest in simple shapes. I never really developed the shape works but there were a couple of interesting works from that period. I think the most important point is repetition. The creation of an illusion of energy and other forms.

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