Puzle Running Wild

It was great to buy ‘Puzle running wild’ the book by ‘puzlepress’, a great insight into his practice and peers. The writing is excellent in setting the scene for the work that spans from 1988 to 1992. Train painting is a very extreme art form. I only lasted around one-year painting trains with pieces. I mainly just tagged or did throw-ups. I couldn’t hack it so I admire the guys who actually made a big body of work and had style. It is rare for graffiti artists to master all forms of graffiti art and excel at train painting. Puzle had it all. His style was distinct. His output was of high quality. He pushed his style and always improved from piece to piece. I know guys who have done more panels and so on but they didn’t have the same level of originality or style.

I will really treasure this book because I love seeing Australian artists leaving a legacy. The book also explains the art form with a lot of detail and can give people some insight into painting on trains. I still love seeing a nice panel roll into the train station even today. It doesn’t give me the same thrill as it once did but I like seeing the art form still alive. I suppose because I had a go at painting trains from 1991 to 1992 before I was eighteen I know the adrenalin rush of trying to make a masterpiece on the side of a train. To be honest when I stopped painting trains I was depressed because I hadn’t done a lot but I was relieved. I suppose I had always been more of a street bomber and lacked the confidence in the late 80s to paint trains only to make a last-ditch effort in the early 90s.

All in all, we all have some legacy big or small to leave behind. A lot of it will be forgotten or already has been forgotten. Puzle has left a memento of a very inspiring period of graffiti in Australia that carries the excitement of train painting in Melbourne. The book is highly recommended. I would actually like to see a book of my old crews work from the late 80s. It wasn’t the best work but it is mainly unknown and part of a period before the shattering of beef, drugs and mental illness. A small window into a past that is gone forever.

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