Amusement in thick fog

Sometimes I write very strange articles and they fill me with amusement thinking about them retrospectively. That goes for a lot of artwork I make as well. I am not sure why but when I get into a certain headspace and have an idea I can’t help but explore even if it seems pointless. My collaborative aerosol work with Zapgalaxy has always been full of amusement and laughter. Some walls we have painted have been so much fun to paint and totally ridiculous. The downside is a lot of people don’t get the joke. Also, not everything is funny. It is a generational thing as well. Some of the first walls, me and zap painted in the late 90s were so crazy at the time that we laughed until we cried. We also put other graffiti artists on the spot and asked how mad they thought our work was. Most guys were lost for words. What we were doing in the late 90s was embarrassing but very funny. In the long run, though the joke was on us. Not everyone understands this approach. Graffiti has always been serious and full of danger. I know this from experience. That was why I changed. When I write some ridiculous article on my blog that seems strange I can’t help but laugh. Just like the local mad man on the street who at times laughs to himself then at other times seems lost in a daze of suffering. What is life but a hard journey of life and death with every conceivable pleasure and pain? The people who have followed my blog over the past ten years know to expect the unexpected.

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