Drawing and painting: flexibility

I ended the year with the rubbish and went a little cinematic in 2021. At least so far. Painting on paper was a big feature of 2020. At the moment I really want to explore drawing on paper whether it is futuristic rubbish or video stills. Because I tend to paint with a couple of different artists on walls I want to be flexible and bring out the best characteristics of each wall. The charcoal landscapes are a good way to get started on drawing again. I really love drawing. Aerosol in my mind is quite close to drawing with colour. I still want to paint on paper as a way of testing composition. Me and Zap are usually a bit avantgarde but every now and then I paint with aerosol writers who want to do graphic work. I might do some comic book works inspired by some artists I like. The main focus is drawing and aerosol work. Lets see how we balance things and get work done.

‘Hectic lad and rubbish of the future’ acrylic on 300gsm paper 2021
‘Untitled’ landscape charcoal on paper 2021
‘Untitled’ landscape charcoal on paper 2021
PARANOID CONTROL Zapgalaxy and Doeraerosol 2021
Portrait shot with aerosol detail 2021

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