Dirty needles and real estate gold

There are a lot of graffiti artists in Sydney. There are many Street artists and Mural artists as well. Different graffiti crews dream of getting space back from Mural and street artists and showcasing their work. The problem is mural artists have lifted the standards so high. How can you compete with a mural using scissor lifts that cost anywhere up to five to ten thousand dollars to produce? You can’t expect people are going to care about your command of style and letter flow. Sure you got some talent in your crew but the standards have changed so much. It isn’t like the 80s or 90s when you had pieces on walls with dirty needles all over the place. Style and flow were paramount back then. Now you got real estate worth millions and people wanting slick work. Even if walls came up how are you going to afford to paint a full-colour mural with birds and flowers and your mad letter flows? It isn’t that it isn’t possible it is just that the effort suddenly becomes somewhat greater and costlier. Dudes wonder why people produce lo-fi work these days, it isn’t that it is easier but that it is affordable and able to be produced en masse. Also, it talks about your demographic and reaches. What level are you playing on? What is realistic. Graffiti artists complain about stuff done today or say it is low level or just stupid. There is nothing stupid about producing a body of work on the cheap. That is realistic. If graffiti artists want to fight back they have got to get organised, and there are a small few who are. We can all dream but can we produce work in this new world?

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