Traditional art and new technology

I wanted to briefly mention a couple of things that have been in private discussions about art. One is how artists these days seem to have abandoned traditional painting. Artists that I admire like Felipe Pantone or Kaws seem to be more about cartoons and computer graphics. The core ideas to me are about going beyond reality. That was the initial point of traditional painting. To move beyond reality. It does seem sad to leave the traditional painting behind but some artists are always moving into the future as Albrecht Dürer did long ago. The core ideas of mathematics, ideal proportion and perspective were critical to Renaissance art. Computers these days are mathematical tools. Felipe Pantone will have his graphics put on a luxury car which gives his work dimension which is what he looked for in his initial graffiti works. I have never had full traditional training but I do find drawing very important to my own work. Especially representational drawing as done from life or photography. I personally believe traditional painting and drawing are paramount but we also have so many new technologies to explore as well.

Dürer’s self-portrait at 28 (1500). Alte Pinakothek, Munich.
Felipe Pantone (Photo from Wikipedia)
Kaws’ “Companion (Passing Through)” at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

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