I didn’t want to start saying I told you so some months ago and I bottled up my anger and never said a word. When I mentioned the barley and wheat debacle a while ago it really came to no consequence because opposing opinions are usually brushed aside and I have little influence on the realities of trade and commerce anyway. I am just an artist painting pictures and sometimes writing as opposed to a politician or someone running the country who is going down a certain path. So a few months back Australian lobster and wine were on the Chinese chopping list. The thing that makes the blood boil is once again the Americans stepped in and have been selling their lobster and wine to China. I actually admire the Chinese for doing this because it shows how Australia’s overzealous US policy is actually even beyond US policy itself. The whole point of the US having the trade war was to get them a better deal or at least that is how they presented it. It seems rather more sinister at times but in the end, they have an interest in trade whereas it seems Australia has become somewhat too paranoid to look after its own interests and so America steps into ink a deal. Australia didn’t learn the first time and it probably won’t the second time.

The other load of bollocks is the Australian media saying the blackouts in China are due to the Chinese not buying Australian coal. This is so brazenly wrong and complete lies. When I was in China, especially in remote regions there were blackouts. It is just what happens in a developing country. China has plenty of coal yet there are large areas that rely on renewable energy as they are remote. These areas can’t afford batteries in some cases to mitigate supply if there is a failure in the grid for whatever reason. That means blackouts. It goes to show what a propaganda machine the supposed free media is. What a bunch of self-serving lies and garbage the Australian media serve up.

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