Summarising the year from hell

This has been the year from hell and it isn’t over yet. I hear next year will also be challenging. Other than that it has been a productive year. Being stuck at home with no restaurants open or much of anything really drove one to dive into hobbies. Most of my focus has been on visual art though I released my rather unpopular poetry compilation. Poetry is pretty hard to push at the best of times but I am glad that I got to compile it and see it in a book. Next year is going to be a bit more focused in the sense of my visual art and what I do with it. There are always hankerings to follow long-abandoned paths in my art practice but I feel like using drawing and painting on paper to explore ideas for my graffiti practice is a far better use of time and effort. My focus on rubbish and graffiti will be a good way to finish the year and ready me for the new year.

What I have found recently is that there are motifs of fabric (classical painting comes to mind) and also science fiction in piles of rubbish. If I were to publish the photographs you would know exactly what I am talking about but I won’t publish them at the moment. Though I may make an album in my Flickr dedicated to photos of rubbish quite soon to keep a track of this thought bubble. As far as writing goes I need to finish and edit my short stories. I will have some time to do this soon. Once that is out of the way I will need to finish a play I started writing last year. Then I may try and write some type of commentary on various topics. This will be a break from any fiction writing. In a way, my commentary will be creative. I can’t really see any clear direction but I need to get a couple of ideas off my chest and it wouldn’t work as fiction.  

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