The right thing.

Do you ever feel that the world is run by arseholes? Look at Australia with our glass jaw PM Morrison who turns his back on all advice and those against him. Even in your workplace do you feel that being nice isn’t really a valid option in the kind of world we live in? Nice guys come last they say. I have always refused to be a complete arsehole because in the past when I was an arsehole I was sorely punished. Now though people don’t care. They will simply blame everyone else. This is a major shift on a micro-level and macro-level. Is Trump an arsehole? Or is he the new normal? Is Biden an arsehole or the alternative arsehole?

Of course, my words are somewhat in jest but they also ring true on many levels with the problems plaguing Western society. If nobody good can thrive then how can we have good leaders? This is something, Cicero grappled with millennia ago. What is it to do the right thing? What is the right thing in a world full of arseholes? What Cicero saw was the ending of an empire. Maybe this is how empires vanish into obscurity?

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