Dreams and reality

One interesting thing to consider is that dreams are reality and reality is a dream. It is a very old idea in Eastern thought both in Buddism and Taoism. These ideas helped birth modern psychology and I find great truth in my dreams. My reality is laid bare in my dreams and I see what I am experiencing in reality even though I haven’t the time to understand or contemplate my position. Everything is controlled by energy. Even the looming US election is controlled by energy. In daily life, we wonder why things that seem bad have such high authority and influence. The energy is intermixing and bad things need to happen to allow destiny to be fulfilled. Nature created everything and everything is a complex mix of good, bad and unusual energies. Does Trump have full support from this energy? As he has said, he is ‘the chosen one’. Why do things like this happen? Is it that only he can fulfil America’s destiny? To quote Ice T “Is it a nightmare? Or the American dream?” describing the reality of street crime and the desire to fulfil dreams of affluence at any cost.

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