Cartoon reality

The augmentation of space, the distortion of form and gesture. Aerosol work can seem like a cartoon reality that has spilt into the everyday world. It reminds me of the way I described a conversation my Dad had with his schizophrenic friend in one of my books. A television portrayal that seems to have become skewed and we can only look on wondering what has happened here or is happening. The story seems false but is so seductive that we want to believe. How can one enter this world? Become one with this reality that is all surface and seems to miss any substance. It is a product of the imagination. An imagination that seems lost in a digital rendition of the world. Our eyes can see shadows and possibilities. It must be real. Everything is an illusion though. An interpretation. A reading from sensory organs. Facts are out the window. They have disappeared into self-interest. Popularity is all that we have left. Popularity and the obscure fight for prominence. Possibly if we look hard enough, we will see the world again, and a small screen will be the lens to the future that is always promised. We will live in a cartoon reality from a generation passed.

Doer Zapgalaxy 2020

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