Evident debt: a poem

He said, I know who you are with his eyes
America had no physical body
It was in conflict with its spirit
It had traded it’s beauty for war
A beautiful war no more

Why are we like radios?
Barely audible or all crashing noise.
The music in my head
Racism virus violence
A debt we could never pay
Only because we were never going to

Commerce diction fiction
Yapping dogs
Statue of ideas
Graffiti thought blot
A million minds

There is a always wealth
Even when it is gone
Symphonic scrawl
Collaborator agitated
Semi industrial estate

Bamboo takes hold
Weeds do not exist
Just life live love with a gun
Under my pillow I have magnets
That pull at ideas polar opposites

We said they were gone
Long ago in the Qinghai lake
A place immense while the lady plays
She plays popular radio on the train
While we hope for a peaceful journey

She is completely mad
That is rich coming from you me
Arabic songs and English with an accent
Now no English it comes and goes
The rhythm the gist

The beat drops
Beautiful kingdom gone
The young knew
Who will we sell ourselves to next?
Nobody wants to live in reality

You can’t afford it unless you pay say
Don’t forget to set the alarm
For the lunar calendar calls you
Tells you what the news won’t
The lies of a rally the price so high

A bind of debt a deceipt receipt
Kind of coy you knew didn’t you
That the radio was playing your song
Your song only
Only for you as an empire Falls

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