Unknown entity

You feel at ease
Nature cradles you
It protects you
Because you tried to meet with peace
Make friends not enemies
Agony aunt
A warm embrace
Nature has a plan for you
To be as mad as you can be
Crazy beyond doubt
As the tides pull all away
You mine away to home
Home they say
A place on your heart mind
You know crazy well
They stopped to rest
Taking lives
You followed the path to life
Death go away
It is everyone’s fate
Yet immortality is flawless
It never ends
The Sun is God
The Moon is God
The balance of energy
The element’s
Scientists count the days
They say everything will end at some point
Some point
A point in space ticks
Yet do you know the exact moment?
Is it because you know everything?
Elevated yourself to God
Yet you are no God
Unknown entity
Nothing ends nothing
Something then begins
An unknown entity plans

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