Current and previous bodies of work

I have probably made around four or five bodies of work in the last couple of decades. Most of my work was eclectic and didn’t really tie in with a body of work. These bodies of work are mostly on paper. Because I am always making visual art I get lost with what is what and what was the last train of thought. A friend mentioned some work recently and I failed to remember until a few hours later. Mainly because he thought the works were watercolour and I hadn’t made any watercolours for about nine years. The works in question were aerosol and ink though they do look a bit like watercolour.

*2011, a body of gouache works in storage (maybe 10 pieces)

*2015-16 a body of acrylic pen works on paper (quite a few maybe 30-40 pieces in storage) 

*2016-17 acrylic and aerosol on canvas (some sold others in storage)

*2019-20 ink and some acrylic on paper in storage (quite eclectic though all same size)

Now in 2020 I have made a bunch of experimental pieces that still haven’t turned into a clear body of work and may or may not do so depending on where I go with them. The works from 2015 were made to facilitate graffiti works. They were all designed as possible graffiti works which were done without any reference or drawing. The works on paper were the memory  reference. This dual mode of working really helped me push both the works on paper and the work on walls. The work from 2016 was the culmination of that whole period feeding into my first graffiti art style on canvas. It was strange and cartoon like but quite surreal in some ways.

The current work I am onto seems like a kind of an exercise in drawing and mark making which reaches back to my years at art school. I have to do some more processes to make a standard to build the work on which is still in progress.

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