The lackey country

America sent a handful of firefighters for the largest fires in Australia’s history. We, the imperial lackey take this as a great boon. When in fact we are relegated to eternal damnation by fire and fury. Once the imperialists sent fire and fury, shock and awe to Iraq etc. now the lackey is under fire and our imperial masters help with a smaller force. We have to pay for their technology. Why don’t we invest in our own technology such as water bombers and other necessities? It is because we are simply the satellite nation. An offshoot of a bigger nation. We may as well call ourselves American’s or in American’s own words we are Mexican’s with mobile phones. The country that won’t invest in itself. Instead selling itself off to other nations. Our prime minister goes on a holiday in a national disaster to America. Why not a state visit? Are we that unimportant that we can’t be seen with our masters? The only words for this is no self respect. It would be quite appropriate to burn down the prime ministers home along with the rest of the burnt nation. People accept this. They even defend it. The lackey will never have respect for its sovereignty as it has none. There is no longer freedom or democracy and there probably never has been.

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