Drugged up dancer: a poem

Lacking in every aspect

Shame heaped on shame

Who cares though?

What of neglect

They can repair things

Leave you huddled

By the side of the pavement


An immaculate home

It was the mirror that was the problem

Everything was pretty good

Except the mirror

That was it

The immaculate home

Didn’t need the mirror

I can only see the walls

The decorations

The homely decor

The cardboard soft from the rain

The go getter

Got go good

The way thing’s seem

The distance was enough

I never walked the streets

You did though

Instead of a mirror you had glass

Shop fronts and cars going by

You had charity

Street cleaners

The super yacht

You were dancing

Dancing on the yacht

Not a care in the world

Task force raptor

Was watching you dance

You were living the life

Off you’re face

Millions of dollars of drugs

Snuck inside children’s toys

Millions of people taking drugs


As though they were

On the super yacht

Without a care

In the whole world

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