I came across an older blog post about Australia’s shoddy environmental policies though they were anti renewable energy because they said renewable energy raised the price of energy in general. They had various points but they didn’t take into account price gauging which happens at the whim of suppliers. You could argue all day about these things and nobody will change their positions. Energy suppliers have simply taken advantage of the general confusion in the market. The reason there is confusion is because the government hasn’t been clear on its viewpoints. In fact they have been clear in that the anti renewable stance has been at the heart of the issue all along.

The reason renewable energy makes sense is that it is an area of potential growth. People may feel that renewable energy is simply strangling the market yet it hasn’t even really started yet. If Australia goes for an all round response where there is energy diversity it seems on the surface a good position yet it is actually masking the anti renewable energy stance. Nobody is fooled by this not even the anti renewable cohorts will buy into the diversity argument because they are pushing for traditional energy supply. If we don’t want growth. If we don’t new technologies to deal with new problems then we are stuck. Which is the position we are currently in.

The government doesn’t want to budge. The coal lobby has the country in an awkward position and people are looking to keep things exactly as they are because they blame renewable energy for all their woes. Well if renewable energy was truly supported maybe the economy would shift into a higher gear. Instead growth is stunted all because of some stalwarts who don’t want change. Good luck with that and lets see how much we can destroy the countries economic chances.

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