It is speculative but that is the only position we can find ourselves in when information is omitted from public space. Lies through omission, That is the way of the media today. Yet if you get your news from othe rcountries and get it translated then you are good. For example the Russian military taking over the Syrian conflict. Why was that? Well not many people realise that Russia has the fastest missiles in the world for the past few years. They can’t be intercepted by anti missile systems. They can move at speeds unmatched with random manoeuvrability to avoid being shot down. America has no answer to this technology so has had to take a step back for the past few years. Russia also armed Venezuela and Iran. Currently Iranian missiles can take out US drones quite easily. Iran can intercept drones and take control of them as well.

In the past decade countries have caught up with American technology and then surpassed them. That is why these details are omitted. It is embarrassing for one and unfortunate on the other. Everyone is quiet about it so as not to lose face or cause distress. This means that the Russian military can do whatever they want currently. They can flex their military muscle in any conflict because they have the advantage. So if you are wondering why things have taken a different direction in the past few years now you know. The media won’t tell you. Nobody will even mention it. Because China supports the Russian economy the American,s have gone after China with the trade war. They are trying to limit China’s economic influence. Yet it seems too late. Russia has risen and China has too many diverse players in the market to worry about the impact of the trade war.

Then again maybe I am completely wrong and have read too much into these technological changes. Though who would ever know when we are being lied to through omission.

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