Welcome! To our dystopian present

Australia has entered its dystopian future quite quickly. The prime minister has a habit of not listening to anybody. He didn’t listen to Pacific leaders, he won’t listen to fire chiefs, he won’t listen to scientists. The government doesn’t want anybody to mention climate change. So why is Australia going down this path? The obvious answers are money and coal. Coal is a  big money maker and has been for a long time.

I don’t want to get bogged down in counter arguments because the flip side of all this is fragmentation. Every Australian has some theory about everything. Everyone won’t listen to counter arguments anyway. Everyone is a stakeholder in their own channels of non communication. We are all screaming into the void. I suppose this is what dystopia looks like.

It is a chasm we fall into through a political world rife with bad leadership. I used the word ‘brevity’ in relation to the bush fires because I felt we had run out of time. We had reached the point scientists had been warning about for decades. The biggest issue is that a lot of people are more interested in what is on Youtube or television. What is it though to capture people’s interest in these end times?

It is as the musician ‘Jefferson Mayday Mayday’ in his new album below, ‘The Ending of the Ending of the Ending and The Beginning of the Beginning of the Beginning’ has so eloquently titled both a beginning and an ending.

 We are at once caught out in a new world. A world that has turned against human life. A world that is fighting back. A world that wants answers. When will people start thinking about their survival? When will they listen to the planet? The planet is the original book of life. The greatest story ever told. Instead we seem content with symbols. They won’t sustain us. Especially not in the new era we are now in.

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