Limited Opportunity

Visual art has always been frustrating for me. Writing not at all. Writing is a way to explore ideas that may be conflicting. It is especially so in books. The three books that I have published are explorations of conflicting ideas and different personas. Yet they are not jarring. My blogging can be unfiltered yet I filter my books. Mainly because you are not taking sides. You are just laying out the context of the story and letting the readers have the freedom to make up their own minds. My books have had positive feedback but my blog goes through stages. It has to be the one sided nature of a singular perspective. The books are multi perspectival. That is the joy of context. Without my blogging though I wouldn’t be able to generate enough different perspectives to be able to cherry pick for my books. People think that blogging has to be some kind of popularity contest where you need to entertain. There is nothing wrong with that mind you but blogging is throwing ideas around so I can hopefully fit it into a story at some point. A lot of it is also dead air. A lot of it goes nowhere. When I first started blogging in 2011 I never would have thought I would finally reach my dream of writing stories and publishing them. Writing never came easily for me at least while I suffered from my mental condition. When I was younger I simply touched on the latent talent that I had never knowing how to fashion it. When my brain was under trauma from my condition it never seemed possible that it would come back to me. There were many false starts in my twenties. I had way too many problems mentally to really focus. In a way getting diagnosed late helped me rebuild my life when I had some worldly experience and a clear head from the medications. It makes me realise you need to be grateful for the opportunities you have. They really are limited and life is short.

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