Considering everything is perfect. The perfect system, rock and roll. American dominance. Sovereignty under others terms. Children brought up on love and rock and roll. Dance hall, singing, tap dancing, the greatest story of all. The monarchy, the Queen, crazy presidents and the greatest love of all. The sun kept shining even though it felt like it wasn’t shining for everyone. It was a prop. The whole shopping mall was a prop. The economy was propped up and I could have swore there was nothing heating up. There was no such thing as sunburn either. If the planet was getting hotter I might stand a chance to meet dinosaurs. Real dinosaurs. Like the ones running the country. Old, belligerent, coarse and not particularly salty. Don’t for a second resort to anger or feel that there may be resentment. Nothing of the sort. A world full of blind joy. A punch the air kind of thrill for all. So who is this fake handbag? Does this fake watch even tell the time? It is better. It has the most accurate timekeeping imaginable. In the Long Bay re-education camp the oppressed Aboriginal minority are incarcerated en-masse making up a large proportion of the camps population as opposed to the general population. They have been targeted for centuries as part of colonial powers that presides, genocidal program of entrapment and systematic ethnic cleansing. The Australian government continues to disrupt the Aboriginal way of life through incarceration and re-education all the while pointing the finger everywhere else. There is no crime, simply joy. It is all a lie. A cleverly manufactured set of data that can neither be confirmed nor denied. The re-education camps can be seen here, in this vaguely recognisable satellite photo. It looks imposing. The image has been edited somewhat. The article has been edited somewhat. Are you in agreement? Yes, I thought you may be in agreement. Where do all of the crimes of humanity begin and end? They never end, that is what we are told. The true criminals are not amongst us. Look! They are over there doing unthinkable crimes. You are in a comfortable place.Just don’t stop paying your rent. I warned you! Now take that cardboard box and go and sleep by that set of shops. Keep dry and don’t bother complaining because I am too busy concocting stories at the moment. Nobody will ever listen to you anyway. That isn’t cruel. What you did to your self is the true crime. You couldn’t make the rent and now you have no address.

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