Saturdays are normally my favourite day of the week. Only because of the Taoist class. It is in the afternoon and goes until the early evening. There are truths and fictions laid bare. There is the struggle of the world seen through a different lens. “No matter how powerfuls humans are….they cannot defy the sky”. It is like the search for ones true responsibility rather than to simply consume. We all have hopes and fears. Challenges in our lives. We are not simply here to consume and we all know it. We want responsibility. “Even the villain is good before they die”. Education it seems, not forgetting progress turns us into a monster. The more we know the higher we regard. The higher we regard the more monstrous is our ambition.

Not forgetting the madman on the bus: “There should be no winter. Just global warming. Darwin is hot all year around. There should be no more winter. There should be a drought like 1981-82.” I am simply wandering through the streets at night looking at a few stars that make it through the lights. There seems to be nobody around. A car quietly passes by. There is nobody. It is deserted. It is dry. There is little rain. There will be a new coal fired plant built in Queensland. It warms my heart.

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