Over the years

Over the years I have written a lot. Used a lot of different voices to explore characters. It is mostly unpublished. I went through certain work that I had kept and found that the older works say from 2003 which were public, or should I say one short piece that was tied into my graffiti alter ego. It was the one that Banksy unfollowed me for. I looked at it and I can understand why. It was brutal, as in brutally written with a lot of spelling mistakes. It was full of bravado. Graffiti is never a good place to write from if you feel you are something special. Also there is a lot about mental illness. Many people find that hard too. I can see how far I had come by 2011. If there were any highlights in all of this messy writing and random thoughts the poetry stood out. There are genuine attempts to grapple with subjects bigger than oneself. To attempt to uncover. Poetry can be a mystery. I wouldn’t say that I am particularly great at poetry but the effort is there. Poetry that I personally enjoy does make it out of the obscure to encapsulate a moment of realisation. Whereas my own poetry is mostly obscure, an attempt at finding the truth of that moment or moments. In 2011 I had put a lot of my writing into the cloud. Luckily I did because most of my writing was digital. I had only started collecting all of this in 2003 because my digital understanding had evolved. Also there were forums and platforms to share writing. I wish I had of started blogging in 2003 but I was more partial to images with graffiti. It might take a week or two to get through all of this writing that I am revisiting.

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