Water and soil

Humans are ruled by the environment. We are fed by the water and soil. When we leave our native homes we lose contact with the place we originally came from.So many of us are not native to our homes. We may have been many generations in a new land yet we never fully connect. We try to implant our own customs and culture. There are people though who are native. Who know the land and are connected to it. Do the new inhabitants truly care for their new found land the way the original inhabitants do? What does one’s culture have to impart? What if the land was just a resource or economic boon? What if it was sacred? Truly though there is no room for differing views. One culture sweeps the other a side. Those who see differently are ignored. We are ruled over by big business. We stole the land anyway. As KRS1 said “there can never be justice on stolen land.”

Is the land cursed? Maybe for those who ignore it. When we leave our lands we have different soil and water. Different minerals. Different climates. Different food sources. Why can’t we admit that we are here and not there? Why can’t we eat the native food? It is the supplanted culture that tries to keep you in a bubble. Us and them. The important and the ignored. The majority and minority. The land and soil is the true majority. If you don’t adjust you will eventually lose everything.

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