Real estate of the 21st Century..your mind..

As Chuck D said, the mind is the real estate of the twenty first century. How many of our minds are owned? It is hard to own the minds of the mad because things don’t quite stick, they don’t gel. Maybe the mad are the future? Or possibly the present is pure madness?

How much can we pay attention to and still keep a clear mind? There is no room left. Our minds are full. Most healthy goals are to clear the mind. To make the mind still. Like I said in my speech artworks…”your mind is filling with graffiti….it is expanding…this graffiti”

Think about it. Who owns your mind right now? Is it you? Is the company you are working for letting you think for yourself? Do you feel like another number? Though a lucky number? Then remember there is stillness. There is a place where things slow down. Where nature takes over. Nature won’t give you what you want though. You have to steal it. You have to take it by surprise. Yet you have to respect nature because it has given you so much. Now you need peace so take it while nature looks the other way.

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