Jungle law

World peace can never be achieved. Humans are ruled by jungle law. It isn’t that peace within oneself isn’t possible, it is just difficult. How can humans find contentment? I honestly have no idea. Everybody wants something different. What I do may not work for you. What you do may not work for me. The world currently is madness. Freedom is oppressed, at least as far as freedom of information is concerned. We are ruled over by the government and if you want to be spiritual, a ghost. I can’t claim much but I am mostly content. Yet I could still make a list of issues if I wanted to. It could be a pretty long list. Yet I remember that I have to rely on myself first and foremost. Then I need to be of some benefit to other people.

If I lose my mind and start pointing the finger of blame everywhere else, I am in a way justified, considering the world we are in. Yet I can’t allow myself to simply lose my sense of self. I understand the problems. Or should I say, I am aware of the problems. Yet I can still sit here and write a sentence or two. Then I remember there are always problems. There is always jungle law. There is never true justice. Yet I can still be content. I don’t ignore the problems. I don’t hide from them. I simply spectate. Things, the way they are going will get a lot worse. It isn’t an intellectual exercise though.

We have a body and mind. We can make decisions. We can choose our battles. Though in a way we have no choice except to keep clear headed and be ready for anything. If you aren’t aware you may not be able to cope. If you aren’t prepared you may not be able to cope. Yet if you watch the drama unfold you may understand your own limits. You may see the desperation in people’s eyes. You may be followed by ice addicts on the streets hoping to see you at an automatic teller machine taking out money. There are always schemes afloat. Someone may send you a scam text message hoping to get your bank details. You could be part of the reason someone gets rich or goes to jail. You could find yourself a target. Don’t forget your old Nigerian relative you never even knew in that fifteen year old email you forgot about.

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