Virtue Power

I suppose my logic always gets me into trouble. Though being mad isn’t without some insights into the lives of the multitude. I may be annoying or off kilter yet I can see people trapped within social confines. We are all trapped really but some of us are obviously outside of the normal flow of society. To the extent that some need help to function at all while others stare down their noses and wonder why they should join the fray. It isn’t just about the mad though. There are some very odd people out there. They hear things, they see things. Some can control the weather. The ancient people didn’t see things like we do today. They saw many things that we miss. Or possibly even destroyed. These people are actually quite normal. They have old knowledge. The ancients needed more than technology to survive. They needed supernatural power. It sounds quite mad and truly it is….yet it is truly there. We all know it otherwise it would be hard to imagine at all. Someone survives an accident and nobody knows why. Somebody has an insight that changes the world. Someone has a gut feeling and avoids a calamity. Mostly in Western Culture the art of true divination has been lost. It has been destroyed by a culture that doesn’t want to know. It is either labelled pagan or superstition. Ancient ideas are on the rise yet they seem to lack the connection to the ancients. We have to start from scratch. Go back to the rituals. Though how powerful where they really when they eventually were destroyed?

Let us look at the dark ages and wonder how much the Church destroyed? Let us look at science and see how it destroyed the Church’s power. Big oversimplifications but you get my drift. The Japanese tried to destroy some Taoist temples in the 40s in China, yet the munitions didn’t explode. They didn’t destroy the temples because it was impossible. The ancients wouldn’t allow it. They are protected by virtue. They are not gimmicks or simply fantasies. It is the reality of humanity. If the Western world could they would gladly try to destroy the temples. Some things have virtue power and that is unbreakable. Some things are built on destruction. China obviously gets it wrong too. There have been many calamities. Yet ancient traditions have survived intact when it seemed all could be lost. China had many troubles yet traditions survived. It is quite amazing to think of the power of nature and its connection to the human spirit. Humanity it is thought simply appeared from nothing and will return to nothing. Something else will then appear from nothing and eventually disappear. I really like the story of the munitions though. That amazes me. Some things are not meant to be destroyed.

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