It is interesting to grapple with the idea of individuality. For one we need some sort of group to ok our own individuality. Society is not really at odds with individuality but it can look that way. If you are truly individuated you could be mad or a foreigner. There are a lot of rules to be engaged. For example you have a passport as an individual yet you need to be part of a country to get one. The list goes on. The social rules are also obvious. Essentially we agonise over our individuality especially if mad and lacking in delusional levels of confidence. We need a group to say you are ok. Otherwise we don’t trust ourselves or we have delusional levels of confidence. The idea of individuality is a kind of delusion. In that it rests on group dynamics. Why does that matter? It means we can be part of the multifaceted crystalline nature of socially acceptable individuality. We need to belong. If we don’t belong we are probably an individual and that is a problem. Why? Because we need to fit a role. We need to be counted. If the numbers add up we can shrug off the anxiety. Maybe it will only increase as we struggle to keep the illusion alive. What illusion? The illusion of being an individual in a social world. We are unique though so that should counter my argument and yet it only confirms it. A massive group of individuals all wanting to fit in. It sounds crazy but it is quite amusing. We have to thrive off illusions to keep the whole thing going. We need patterns and a sum of numbers. The more we are misunderstood the more of an individual outlook. Yet also the more notable ignorance. We belong in a world of language that is a bubble of social cohesion. It can only be manipulated so much. In the end we try to make it fit our purpose. But we all have the same desires which are only set on the parameters of the human body.

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