Water is a symbol of intelligence. Intelligence though can be more of a hindrance than a help. Intelligence can delude. It can make the world look more changeable than it really is. Sometimes intelligence can lead to lazy solutions. They are intelligent solutions but they ignore the fact that others may not be able to follow the logic. Water can follow many paths so it can work out the best way but sometimes it leads to a drain and gets funneled away. Intelligence leads to many great solutions and also ideas that lose track. That can waste time or lead nowhere. Even my own ideas are sometimes stupid but they come from intelligence. I see a world that seems changeable though change is a slow process. Everything changes but to control change is difficult. It is impossible without power. Without influence. Even then things can stagnate. I wish I was more realistic but I am forever imagining a world that doesn’t exist. I am not really a dreamer or even a visionary. I suppose I can’t accept reality. There is no reason why things can’t be better. Though the world is also beautiful. I suppose intelligence is a necessary stumbling block. It can be binary. Nature it seems created intelligence to be a saviour and a curse. The real guide though is energy. Energy is more important by far. If one can read energy they will know. If you can change energy you have reached a lofty goal.

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