Making connections

One thing to note is logic always follows a path. Even if it is flawed. Logic can slip off the path to make an unexpected connection. Visually we follow the links. If you think of a visual work as a set of bounded logic you see where it goes both visually and mentally. It moves as thought moves. From one place to another. From one idea to the next. Though a visual piece is framed just like logic. I find it interesting when doing abstract work to see random elements link to other elements. To some there maybe no link. There is just a set of disparate lines. But even if you are in a thick forest or jungle places link. Things inevitably link to other things. There are always connections. It was just that you didn’t see them. You didn’t realise they were there all along. That is the power of the unexpected and the mad. They inevitably link to something. It is just something people didn’t realise was there. It is as though the madman ranting about the invisible messages was seeing the invisible energies that envelop us. They were there all along. We couldn’t see them and yet some could. Instead of divising a closed system we need to agree that we can’t understand everything. Especially when we place an authority over those who believe they have a connection to the unseen.

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