Ego fortresses

A lot of activity is spent building ego fortresses. You can for instance distance the mad. Distance the other. Make your plot pure. The fortress is impenetrable. There are many configurations. Why even fight this socially cohesive arrangement when it applies to so many? The answer is difference. There are other types. To tick every possible box isn’t the only answer. Maybe missing a few boxes is ideal. We are not machines though we are becoming machines. What happened to machines of difference? Fashion and other changes. Technology and the culture of numbers forever climbing. Fortresses are built on doubt. They don’t trust reality. Reality is too slippery. It can’t be verified cleanly. You watch me she says. I will build a tower that will reach the heavens. It will conform and connect. It will be verifiable and a place of safety. I will be free of as many problems as possible, just by simply ignoring them. Simply casting them out. Eventually though the problems only get worse and a fortress gets overrun slowly but surely. Real security is through negotiation and diplomacy. It isn’t a fortress built on disconnection.

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