Behind the mask

Have been somewhat quiet the past couple of months as I didn’t want to go headlong into too many ideas. Starting to do more exercise and listen to various opinions away from the world of blogging or stories. Stories that I find come up when training with the Taoist Master. World news, opinions, conspiracies and other views. Since things have been so topical I have been lost for words.

If you take for instance the Taoist Masters that come up in the ‘Romance of the three Kingdoms’, these sages knew a lot about current events of their age. They were always a step ahead of rivals. There is a world of contemplation that meets a world of action. The sage will not seek out fame or fortune but aid the most virtuous party for the greater good. They will most of the time carry out their activities unbeknownst to anyone.

I can’t expect to simply assume that I am on higher ground as I need to turn ideas into actions. I am at best advised to a degree. Maybe privy to some information that may become reality. Really though I am just along for the ride like everybody else. There is something else though. An understanding of what is correct and in most people’s best interests. There is the correct energy. The correct ideas and actions.

These though shouldn’t serve one. Though it can help one. It can also help many. It can also help those who want a peaceful life by realising there is no escape from our actions. We are complicit even though we didn’t drop the munition on its target. Someone was sent on our behalf. Though remember the truth of the targeted strike. We have no real power over it. We are at best powerless to stop the machinations of war.

I can’t send the command, there are other levels of governance. The dichotomy of slave and master. What becomes then of the will of the people? They are left to go about their business. There is pressure applied to conform to regimen. The chains are invisible. Though if you want to in some cases you can cut some of the cords that bind you. Buy a plot of land and hope it doesn’t end up poisoned.

What I remember though is I don’t want the missile to find its target. I don’t want the corporation to take everything. I don’t want to be bound. I couldn’t disappear into the mountains. Too tied up in vanity. It is my ego that has enslaved me. The traps seem beautiful. They are enticing. They are exciting. Then you realise the reality is far from exciting. Behind the beautiful mask is a cold hearted killer, wanting you to entrap the weak and innocent.

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