Dark Era

We are heading into a dark era. If China is criticised for building roads and schools in developing countries when the best America can do is build a drone base, it makes you think. People don’t have people’s best interests at heart. Especially when the main interest is funnelling money to an elite. Nobody cares about your story or about your well being. This is simply business. You need to be able to step out of the struggle. That though is difficult. Especially the struggle in our minds as the world falls apart piece by piece.

It isn’t meant to be like this. Things are supposed to be better. People have been suffering for such a long time in the developing world. Getting played and playing each other. In the West it has been about keeping our heads above water. The solution to our problems isn’t unilateralism. For example countries moved offshore to save money and now it is blamed on China when they simply welcomed the investment. It wasn’t China that coerced globalisation. It was the greed of investors. How did anyone in developed countries benefit? Some things became cheaper but overall things stayed the same to keep profits soaring.

We have been duped by globalisation because it only delivered to the elite. All America first really represents is a chance to negotiate. Though really there is nothing to negotiate when the deal can only please one party. That isn’t negotiating, that is one party trying to use their power unfairly. Nobody these days will bend to that. Americas trade war which is so ugly the US detained a Huawei executive in Canada. A leading scientist who had signed a contract with Huawei was dead the next day from a ‘suicide’. This is more the ploys of a large power losing control. The dark era has begun and we must keep our minds on the light.

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