Major institutions

The truth has been hijacked. We can’t address the truth. We can’t engage with reality. It is lost. It is a steep decline. Nobody can save it. The decline is there. It is masked in self interest. The world will be changed and you will lose the world you knew. You will be lost in an illusion. It is a fractured world that has no face. The mask is off. If there was a solution we would have to stop doing what we are doing. Nobody is willing to change though. Nobody can stop.


Somewhere in our minds there is another world. It is imbued with a past. The new world has no past. It is a shell at best. There are doors, but they do not open for everyone. The choices are, become filthy rich or leave the city. There are no other choices. They leave us little when the corporations need to make their money. Eight billion dollars in profit is below expectations. I named my son Billion. An expectation.


It was a working illusion full of surfaces that were steeped in criminal activity. The criminals were in major institutions. Their crimes were not met with punishment but simply monitored. They were to be watched at all times. Watched as they fell below expectations, compared and forecast as the world fell apart around them.

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