Fear in their eyes

He looked into my eyes and his spirit surged into my eyes. He looked straight through me. I was afraid. I felt nothing could hide my deepest thoughts. What was within me? What lay deep in my mind? Only he knew at that moment. It was fear. He could peer into your mind. Nothing could be hidden. It was like the look of a wild animal that sees its prey. It reads a mind at a glance.


Our eyes are the windows to the soul. I saw him. He threatened. I looked straight into his eyes and saw fear. He wanted to hide. His eyes showed me all I needed to know. He was afraid. He felt he couldn’t hide. It was fear. Fear of mortality. It isn’t fair to prey on the weak. What happens though when they are driven to find trouble with others? When they go looking for trouble.


Then he gave context. He told a story. Once he was approached by an aggressive man. He checked him and looked into his eyes. He could see the others fear. That he was starting trouble because of his weaknesses. His spirit was broken.


The other story is of a man who was sitting having tea. His eyes met the Master and in an instant his eyes looked straight into the others spirit. He was afraid for that moment. He knew his secrets were no more. He couldn’t hide. The Master knew all about him. He was a guide in a world steeped in fear and anxiety.

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