The great storm

The growth of power and money comes from a dark source. It sheds darkness on the world. Peoples souls darken. They lose their light. Technology emits light but it isn’t the light needed. It still disconnects the spirit from the larger world. The disconnect from the natural world has been a slow process. People become lost to a world of shadows. Where shadows are the only comfort.


They inhaled from the pipe. They laughed as their minds became unanchored. They saw a world they could control. Give me the power, give it to me. Their minds grabbed at everything. Their bruised hands groping for more. They were after the shadows they knew were there. They were what was real. Nature simply stood by relegated to a tree here and there.


It was uninvited. Nature had set to work on vengeance. A huge swath of clouds threatened many lives. It was an awakening. It destroyed whole towns effortlessly. People hid indoors from the wrath and fury. The dollars climbed at once opening and closing. Nature was ready to set things things straight. To take away the advantage. Some were good though. They were to be kept safe. The deadly winds. The crashing oceans. The light of the sun that broke through after the great storm had passed.

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