Stockholm syndrome

You cannot take credit for another’s greatness. You must simply be instructed. What instruction is wise? There are books that instruct and there are still great people amongst us. Where are they hidden? Where do they hide?


They that hide behind pretence are many. Their true countenance is hidden. We hear of conspiracies yet what we know of comes most from the ancient myths. That simply lay bare the truth of humanity. As it preys on the innocent and weak.


Has anything changed? You can’t love the person that has put you in chains. They are chains that are invisible yet hold more power than the physical. The writing itself was the captivator. You then the captive.


Are you a slave to money? We all are. Are you a slave to fame? We all are. Are you a slave to death? We all are. Who then will wake us up? You then ask yourself, what is it that I have to look forward to? Captivating.




We can pour words out as though the truth is enough. Deep down everybody knows the truth. Many have pitted themselves against it. Delusions spew forth and god’s continue their depraved existence. The innocent are simply trodden upon. It was always so they say?


The elite needs more. They need growth. Yet they strangle the very people who will bring growth. Foul deeds are afoot. The good were lost long ago. Captivated. Everything is simply a distraction. Everything important is hidden. The truth then must be invisible. Chaos seems to be the only way. Nature though will always bring order. Even through wind and fire.

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