Cold charity

Things have been slowly changing since the 70s. Australia seems over run with sensationalism. I just happened to walk past a headline in ‘The Australian’ (A Murdoch owned paper) that had “Murdoch saves kids on Nauru” or something to that affect which is a load of rubbish. How people put up with this is any bodies guess. That is just how far things have gone. The truth is lost to sensationalism. It is like the grind of debate I spoke of years ago and more recently. It simply never ends.


We all think, if only I had more money. That too never ends. If the richest people in the world still want more money then what is the point? Obviously it just never ends. We are in a neoliberal world. It isn’t much fun is it? Everybody is cash strapped and trying to be pragmatic. Maybe we can do this or do that. We can rent our home as a hotel. Gone are the days of selling kidneys. You rent the space under your own feet.


I am not saying it is bad but instead pointing out how uncanny it is. How desperate. I honestly feel people are treading water. When though do you start to sink? A bread line seems better than hustling your spare room for cash when you are supposed to be independant and doing well. The people who sank are now on the streets homeless. There is no bread line. Food companies can’t give to the needy in case they get sued. What have we done? We can’t keep pointing the finger at everyone else when we are accepting of this new world order.


It has been marching on since the 70s and here it is right in your face. No job security, limited cash flow, endless schemes and the dollar is king. Someone else’s dream is now our nightmare. The problem though is people think this is the dream. That is just how it is. This is how it is meant to be. Money is siphoned out of communities. Truly where are the communities? It is like with like. The wealthy with the wealthy. The poor with the poor. The distance simply becomes greater between us. There are institutions in place to liaise between the gap. As the gap grows the institutions grow. The charities. The charity.


It isn’t a bridge to be crossed though. It is simply a virtual airdrop. Supplies falling from the sky. Those out of reach are unreachable. They are missing. The message from the neoliberals is we don’t want the poor and the needy. They can’t enter our countries. We need cash. On the other side is the side that wants cheap labour. We want the needy and poor so we can exploit them. Where are the values? The values are simply dollar values. They are symbols. We can’t bridge the gap between symbols and what is real. There are possibly institutional devices like carbon pricing that can be created. Are they designed to bridge the gap? Or is it simply another mechanism like charity that keeps us apart?

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