To be lost

One issue, is of being lost. It is easy to become lost in the chaos of today. It seems like the only alternative is to be lost. What needs to be thought of is what is right. It is something people have grappled with for an age. Take Cicero for example. He wanted to do the right thing and advance the society he was in. What was it though to do right? Who would benifit? What are people’s true intentions? Is it still possible to have mutual benifit when people can only consider themselves?

If nature is in chaos then do people follow suit? How can you appease nature? The answers are already right in front of us. The truth is closed in the fog of debate. A debate that will never end. The stakes are high. What can we do ourselves? When nature is out of balance society is out of balance. How do you keep your eyes on the truth when the truth is obscured? Money won’t fix it. Hope won’t fix it. What is it to do the right thing when the right thing keeps getting further away?

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