Paranoia is a problem when reality is distorted through thought processes yet I have found there is also a positive to mild paranoia. For example I can spot potential dangers very quickly when some people can’t. I can imagine a scenario that could play out from a set of parameters. It isn’t necessarily paranoia per se either but it is similar. It could be another side of that state of mind. Seeing potential danger actually keeps me from stepping into these dangers.


When I was younger and doing graffiti I could guess when and where a police car was going to potentially come around a corner. It was in a way paranoia yet very practical as it happened as I had thought. When I see dangers in my work place I can change them as another example. I can see a potential for a certain result in certain settings. I don’t know if this is directly related to paranoia but I feel it is. It is a side of it. Even within distortions there are potentials.


Even my fathers paranoia has a semblance of reality if you look at it. The distortion though marks the structure yet the distortion has an element of reality to it. It is at the end of the day a distortion of reality so semblances carry through.


To then go in a completely different direction there is a world where potentials are carried. The gut feeling becomes a reality. You know to trust your gut feeling. It is in tune with paranoia. Sometimes even distortions are correct.

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