Truth is all around us. We are always awake to the truth. Entertainers will use truths to imbue their work. Why then are dissident artists not punished in the west? It is that we try to glean the truth through many channels (magazines, books, concerts or music) and instead we worship the messenger rather than the truth they use to entertain us. This means they are not a threat. People who are activated to a truth or truths get lost in the cult of personality. They feel powerless as they think every emulation of their idol will let them experience the truth more fully.


That though is only momentary. The truth needs to be cultivated within oneself. If you have a guide they need to be near or at least accessible. You know the truth they profess yet the actual truth is so many steps away. You need to see where the truth came from. Where is its source. The true idol is probably long gone and their words live on in the world. For it to live on entertainment is only so good as the artist and the artist has borrowed. If they tell you were to look then look there. Follow the source.


I looked to Laozi through a Taoist Master and that is where I find the truth. It is not for everyone. Your understanding may be revolutionaries or religion. They are all there in some form. The Bible for example gives us a great view of human thought and a different understanding of spirit. Others may see this as slavery. The spirit though is there. The spirit of weeping and the spirit of vanquishing one’s enemies. They all lie within the Bible as well as wisdom.


What helped me was practical applications of Taoist philosophy yet I lost my way for many years. I did find truths though in philosophy, science, mythology and general reading. All because there are truths everywhere. What we all need to do is read widely and practice truth within ourselves and forget idol worship. Entertainers can only do so much. If you are an entertainer then maybe that is the truth for you. For most though we need access through reading and practice.

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