The bridge, ordering Chaos

Reading ancient myths leads one to realise the underlying depravity of Western thought. Not only do gods rape the innocent while bad fortune befalls the innocent as well. I am not in any way knocking this but pointing out why we live in a world of rape and crime today. It is a great tragedy that carries on into reality over millennia. What saves the ancient myths though I believe is the idea of Chaos. A state where nothing is ordered by minds. Where things float in an amoeba of potential. Chaos is a fascinating idea as it in fact wants to be ordered at some point. Nature itself is the source and cause of order. That is what nature does. Nature creates order in Chaos as it is the potential itself. To be exact it ordered itself for that is what nature does. Humans in Western thought as well as gods are simply one in the same problem. They want to exert power and will do any depraved act to achieve their goals. This is true for all time. What underlies this though is the idea of Chaos and its inner need to create order. What Western thinking has forgotten is the primacy of Nature. That nature was and is always the best order. It was in the beginning through Chaos and remains so through its natural desire to organise the world into its correct parts.


There are of course Western proponents of the primacy of nature yet the stories themselves leave nature to the wayside to focus on human/god drama. This is the issue around ‘the book of life’ (the natural world) and ‘the book of life’ (the world of symbols). They literally are the same though the world of symbols needs to reconnect back to the world itself. This is environmentalism to a point though it is an intellectual slant rather than a cult. The world around us if we live in it subsistently is the book of life as it dictates our stories of survival and our need of survival. The book of symbols is also a book that helps us understand our own nature. Renewables would allow us to reconnect both books of life together. We would have a stronger society sided with Nature as well as human knowledge. This is the only bridge to guarantee long term survival in the world we will be entering.

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