Taoist Master

Over a decade ago I was practicing internal martial arts with a great Master. Over a decade later I reconnected. Initially when I was a child I practiced Karate for a year and my instructor taught us a meditation at the end of our classes that I kept doing my whole life. When I was in my twenties I sought out my old Karate teacher to train with him again. We trained Karate and I was also instructed by his talented student. Both my instructor and student instructor introduced me to a Taoist Master.


I trained for many years gaining many insights and knowledge of internal martial arts. Unfortunately years later I developed schizophrenia and I had many responsibilities bringing up a young family. I was in a way cast onto a rollercoaster world just hanging onto my responsibilities as breadwinner and parent. All of this time though I tried to cultivate internal martial arts. For a few years I abandoned the practice but kept coming back to it when I felt there was unusual energy pervading the world.


Mostly I trained on full moons and normally a small amount of practice kept away bad luck. Though this year there are bad stars in dominant positions and I have felt a lot of unusual energy. So I decided to go back to my old Taoist Master. He is a living god if that makes any sense. He seems to me to be like an apparition. We sat down with the other students in his backyard and drank tea and talked. Everything he said many years ago has become a reality. There was no error in his divinations. He spoke of things to come. He did some divination theory and then eventually we trained.


I personally feel like I have been pulled from the jaws of death. There is so much bad luck this year and it will get worse. So I have to do daily practice to keep out of harm’s way.

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