The greatness of ridicule

Ridicule isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Truth is a friend of ridicule at any rate. Also, second rate material is as well. Who can decide which is the greater evil? Recently I reconnected with my Taoist practise and will again see my old teacher. In doing so I feel confident that I can get back on the right path and hope that daily practice will be of benefit. Reconnecting also means facing truths that are laughable in the world we live in. Though to laugh as an activity simply shrouds the displeasure of not knowing what the answers are. It is simple. There are truths and ancient knowledge that are at odds with the material world. That isn’t new, this was the case millennia ago as well. They will always be at odds. I just need to get as far away as possible from the attitudes that are upon us. I need a break and to know that is there is another path which is to cultivate inner peace.


I have been writing a new story and so far, have developed the characters. I am taking my time as I want to finish it next year if I can. Also, I am writing a short play which is full of dialogue. It seems comical but is peppered with attitudes that are at odds. As soon as I started writing the dialogue I felt a huge surge of relief. It is as though the dialogue which I admit is rather comical holds some truths which seem, so cliché yet is at the core of wisdom. It is fascinating writing a play because the dialogue can be so direct yet with a bit of a flourish thrown in.  I have read a lot of plays over the years and I always enjoyed them. So, to write a play brings with it a great surge of satisfaction. My main strength as a writer is dialogue and with a play it is all dialogue.

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